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Cutting fabric with scissors

Now Offering Alterations


  • Plain hem

  • Cuffed hem

  • Lengthening a pant leg can be lengthened if it is too short up to a certain amount. Bring your pants to our shop and we can let you know how much length can be added to your pair. Material may be added to maximize the length depending on fabric.

  • Zippers can be replaced on Trousers/Slacks.

  • Take in/ Let out waist

  • Taper legs



  • Shorten

  • Replace Jean zipper



  • Shorten sleeves  

  • Replace zippers  


Shirts /Blouses

  • Shorten plain sleeves

  • Cuffed/Vented Sleeves

  • Add/Remove Darts



  • Straight hem

  • A-line or Vented Hem

  • Full or Pleated Hem

  • Full or Pleated Hem with lining

  • Chiffon Hem, full per layer

  • Chiffon Hem with lining

  • Handkerchief Hem per layer

  • Handkerchief Hem with lining

  • Hem with Horsehair

  • Alter Beaded seams & lining

  • Taper sides  

  • Taper sides with lining

  • Raise shoulders

  • Shorten Straps

  • Shorten Sleeves

  • Replace Zipper (invisible Zipper)



  • Repair Zipper

  • Replace Zipper

  • Re-stitch button

  • New Button

  • Add/remove shoulder pads

  • Repair stitch

  • Repair stitch by hand

  • Add hook and eye

  • Add snap

  • Patching


Customized Items Available

Need a quote or have further questions? Contact us at

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