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Q. How do I rent a dress online?

A. Browse through the dresses online. You can filter by collection, size, colour etc. Once you find a dress check to see if there are any unavailable dates, and if so that they don't impact your needed dates. Click Borrow Me. Continue to the check out. At this point, you can enter a promo code (if applicable) and the requested dates. Make sure to enter the Wednesday to Wednesday dates. Pay for your order. See images at bottom of screen.

Q: Can I rent a dress from the shop directly?

A: Yes. Come into the store to browse, try on and either book for a future date, or rent it right there and take it with you.

Q. How do I get the dress?

A. You can pick up the dress from the shop directly, or request it be delivered.

Q. How do I return the dress?

A. The dress will be picked up on the Wednesday once the week long rental is over. Or you can return it to the shop.

Q. Can I rent a dress the day before or last minute.

A. If you are ordering online then dresses need to be ordered online and paid for 3 days before the Wednesday Start date. That means your order needs to be in by Sunday if you want the dress that week. If you are able to come into the shop then you can rent the dress if available right then and there!

Q. How do I cancel an order?

A. If you need to cancel an order. You must contact us by email the Sunday before your Wednesday start date. So if your rental is to start on Wednesday August 11th, you must notify us by August 8th at noon in order to get a full refund. Please read the terms and conditions for further information on cancellations.

Q. What is Borrow me Boutique?
A. A local dress rental shop in Victoria BC. Dresses are available in children and adults sizes.

Q. My dress cost a lot of money, will you purchase my dress?
A. While I appreciate any donations, I am willing to purchase the right dress for the right price.  You can send me an email ( with pictures and how much you would like.

Q. Do you take Wedding Dresses?
A. I will take wedding dresses if you are ok with the possibility of using the dress to create new dresses.


Q. What location will you cater?
A. North Saanich, to Sooke, to Duncan.

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