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Terms and Conditions

When renting from Borrow Me Boutique you are agreeing to the below detailed terms and conditions:


1. Items are rented on a weekly (7 day) basis

2. Payment in full is required before any garment leaves the premises

3. We expect all renters to treat our items with appropriate care and respect. The item is the responsibility of the renter during the rental period.

4. A credit card deposit is required at the beginning of the rental period for the following indemnifications:

a. Should there be any substantial damage to the item that is not reparable, the renter agrees to pay the full replacement cost

b. If repair(s) to the garment are possible, the renter agrees to cover all repairs & associated costs to restore the item to a usable condition without exception

c. Borrow Me Boutique does not charge for minor wear and tear on items from normal use. All wear or tear should be noted to staff and will be assessed upon return of items.

d. Should the item not be returned after the rental period, the renter agrees to pay a late fee of $10/week until the item is returned

e. Should the item not be returned after 30 days, the renter agrees to pay the full replacement value

f. If an item is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, the renter agrees to pay the full replacement cost of the item without exception

5. Borrow Me Boutique has the right to determine all above charges based on fair assessment of any items.

6. Items are not to be cleaned, altered, or repaired in anyway. Borrow Me Boutique covers all cleaning between rental periods.

a. Temporary hem tape, double-sided fabric tape, and garment clamps are permitted; however, they must not damage the item(s).

b. Safety pins are not permitted for use, as it could cause damage. Should the renter request the use of safety pins, permission may be provided under special circumstances and must be agreed upon prior to rental of any item. If not consulted, the renter agrees to cover all repairs caused using safety pins

7. Item may not be in new condition and show wear and tear prior to rental. All items are reviewed prior to rental together with Borrow Me Boutique staff, and any wear and tear will be noted.

8. Should any item not meet a renter’s expectations, the renter has 12 hours to notify us, and we will do our best to provide a replacement item. Should a renter not wish to receive a replacement item, you may choose to receive a refund or store credit providing the item is returned within 24 hours.

a. Should Borrow Me Boutique determine the item has been worn in the 24 hours, no refunds or credits will be provided

9. Once an item is in the renter’s possession, it is considered rented for the period agreed upon. Should the renter choose not to use an item during the rental period, refunds and credits are not permitted




  1. Cancellation must be made on the Sunday by 12pm. before the start of your Wednesday rental date for a full refund.

  2. Should you need to cancel after that date, please contact us. You will be credited for a next rental for the same rental price.


By placing a rental order with us you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions contract. If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us by phone (250-514-8276) or email

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